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Friday, 25 March 2016


Every now and then I look at myself and cannot help but thank God for where I am. Events in my life has made me really and truly believe the saying "every disappointment is a blessing". We as human sets directions for ourselves, we see where we want to go and usually know how we are going to get there. But sometimes, life does not happen the way we plan and that does not mean our life is over. Instead, in every situation you find yourself, give thanks! Because even though we fail to see it at the time, it just might open doors to new opportunities we never even dreamt of.

 In my final year in high school, my friends and I had already planned on going to the same university and staying in the same accommodation off campus. We went to the library to study together for the entrance exams we had to write to get into the university. Basically I had my life planned out and was all focused on everything falling into place just as I had planned it.

Just as life would have it, it did not go quite as well as I had planned. The day of the exam came, I went on to write it and felt quite confident afterwards. But lo and behold, two weeks after, the results were out and I did not make it. I was few marks away from the pass mark for the university I had chosen. I felt so disappointed, felt like my life was crumbling down and I could do nothing to help it. The feeling was overwhelming that I disassociated myself from everyone at the time. I started thinking of other universities I could go to that would accept my grades. I found one, although I didn't really like it, I was ready to accept it. it was either that or staying home for a whole year and take those exams again.

I was not thinking straight I just wanted a quick solution that will help me avoid everyone’s judging comments. I was so caught up in the pressure of starting university with my friends that I was willing to settle for less. I was letting the situation define me and take control of me.

“In fact, your circumstances will generate an excuse factory in your mind which will produce a thousand reasons why you can’t make the progress you were hoping to make. They will convince you that you can’t change, that you can’t solve the problems you’re facing, that you need surrender to an inevitable fatalism.”

At a point I got tired. I just got tired of the stressing, I got tired of the thought of what people would say. I got tired of pushing valuable advises, I got tired of being ruled by the situation. So I stopped. I stopped all of the stressing and stopped allowing the situation rule my decision. I decided to accept the situation and be open minded. I decided to involve the one person who has promised to provide all my needs according to His riches (which I had forgotten to do before).  So I stopped dwelling in what had happened and involved God.

When I started to think things were not going to look up, they did. I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel! I got the opportunity to school in the United Kingdom which would not have happened if I had passed that exam. I would not have had this opportunity if things had gone my way. So yeah, man proposes but God disposes. And when He does, He goes all in for you! 

You might be going through tough times, you might be in a situation where a solution seems farfetched, it might seem like your world is crumbling right before your eyes and you are left feeling helpless. But always remember, you are not in it alone. You have got God at your side who is waiting on you to reach out to him, for you to ask him and receive abundantly way beyond your imagination. 

“We should always pray for help, but we should always listen for inspiration and impression to proceed in ways different from those we may have thought of.”
– John H. Groberg


  1. this was quite inspiring and lifted my attitude towards life. thanks for sharing!