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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Living This Life

Living a life where you constantly have to feign happiness because your sadness wouldn't be notice and even when it is, it would be termed as disrespect.
Living a life that is constantly a fascade of who you are or who you think you are. 
Living a life that that you constantly wish you can run away or take a break from. 
Living a life where happiness and freedom is short lived.
Living a life where you are confused about if you're are loved or not by the person you think you should love. 
Living a life where people's shortcomings in your life are explained  yet you feel you're being played. 
Living a life where you think death is a gateway to eternal freedom.
Living a life that hinders you, suppresses you, frustrates you, derails you, and beats down your intelligence.
Living a life where there is constant fear. A fear of "what's gonna happen next?" A fear of the person you should feel safe with and love the most. 
Living that life where everything you do or say is programmed, practiced, and perfected to avoid mistakes. Because mistakes, as natural as they are, are unacceptable.
Living a life where you run another person's race. Because you don't got a choice.
Living a life where you think you have overstayed but still you're stuck. 
Living that life where the shouting, the fighting, the deceit and disrespect between the people you love the most eats up your very being, makes you want to react and do something but you can't. Because your stuck. 
Living that life that beckons the questions, what is the point of life? When do I get to experience the unending happiness I've been promised? Am I really the orchestrator of my own happiness?
Yeah, we're living that life.

But then, there is this guy upstairs.
The guy who we are constantly aware is watching our every move.
The guy we know we can depend on whenever.
The guy who knows our hearts because He knew us even before we were born.
The guy who has made His grace sufficient for us at no cost.
The guy who we know, because of Him, we can take it and definitely make it.
Yeah, this guy seems magnificent, doesn't He?
I'll tell you His name. People refer to Him as either Elohim, El-Shaddai, Yahweh, Jehovah, Adonai, Abba, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, or Lord of Hosts.
But please feel free to call Him GOD!
Because of Him, we soon realise that in Him there is that eternal freedom and unending happiness we crave deeply. And its not so far fetched after all ;) .

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