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Friday, 11 March 2016


The one thing I have come to realise that students fear the most, is presentation. I know right! Basically, I started to give loads of presentation when I got into the university. I did get to give presentations in secondary school but not quite as much. A freshman at the time and the first week of uni, i found out that we were supposed to give a presentation the following week. i got so nervous not sure if i would be able to stand in front of all those people to deliver my work. I even went into class sometimes trying to picture everyone naked (as some people say it does work for them) but that did not work. The images popping up in my head were just wrong on so many different levels it would even make me forget my words during the actual presentation. So I came up with something else that could actually work for me and I have been using this technique ever since that first presentation and the results are amazing (my grades does the talking).  
To address this fear of presentation, I thought it would be nice to share with you all the few tips on how I get through it. 

1) Preparation

Ever heard the saying, "preparation is key"? Well yes it is. the only way you can gain the confidence to stand in front of a crowd to give a presentation is if you know exactly what you are going to be talking about. So practice your materials! I recommend that you practice with a friend(s). this way, you can get constructive criticism and then you would know what you are doing right and where improvement is needed.

2) Time yourself!

It can be quite daunting when you are asked by the lecturer to stop in the middle of your presentation because you have gone over the assigned time. It will be very helpful if you use a stopwatch (can easily be found in you phone) while practicing your presentation. 

3) Make sure PowerPoint is on point!

(boundless.com, 2015)

May seem weird but, having a great PowerPoint can help boost your confidence. When you stand in front of the class and you realise people are admiring your PowerPoint, you would be more confident saying what you need to say because you have gotten their attention. But note, it is easy to get carried away whilst designing the PowerPoint. So keep it simple (not too simple). Do not make it look too cluttered with words and pictures. And keep the colours down! you do not want it looking like a child's art work.

4) Arrive early! 

Yes, you read right! be early. This would help you have time to settle in before your presentation begins. Also, you would have enough time to double check your USB, plug it in and figure out how to set everything up. This will definitely put you at ease and calm those nerves.

5) Know you are the boss!

As you stand on that podium, tell yourself you are the boss, you hold the knowledge that they are all seeking and without you talking, they would never know.  

I am not saying you would not feel nervous anymore. You will but the difference is that you would have control over the nervousness and know deep down that you are going to nail the presentation! I hope this helps you as it has helped me. And please share in the comment box bellow on your experience with these steps. If you have any other tips to contribute, please don't be shy to share them using the comment box bellow.

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